About P.N. Robotics Ltd

P.N.ROBOTICS is a BRAND NAME for Science Educational program created by P.N.ROBOTICS Ltd  with an aim of equipping young, students and other electronic lovers realize their talent.

It’s an Electronic Program that will equip Him/her with electronic skills and knowledge at the early stage. In this program a child will be provided with a printed circuit board, components for the same project, Manual, Solder wire.

  1. The pack: will contains a manual paper with the name of the work e.g. Timer circuit, FM radio, Flash light circuit, Remote control circuits, FM transmitter circuit, Battery voltage monitor, Led indicator light circuits, Electronic Dc motor control circuits, Electronic thermometer, Automatic lights turn on and turn off circuits, 100 watts inverter circuits, 150 watts Amplifier circuits, Burglar Alarm circuits. Circuit diagram and Connection instructions.

Every manual will contain a specific project name. Example: if a child or Student wants an FM radio, then the pack will contain a printed circuit board, FM radio components, Solder wire Connecting wires and source of power. The work will be categorized considering the age of the child.

The printed circuit board is easy to use with great results there increase the chance of one developing positive attitude towards electronics and science in general.



  • To equip young generation with skills, creativity and knowledge in Electronics. This will help solve day to day problems arising in the current world of technology.
  • To generate self-dependent youth.
  • To developed positive attitude to young generation towards home production goods especially in Electronics.
  • Reduce unemployment among youth thus create stable country.
  • Reduce idleness among Youth. When youth are busy, the rate of crime goes down.


Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where young people can come to find and discover anything they might want in Electronics and science in general

Core Values

Everything undertaken by P.N. Robotics must reflect the highest standards of quality. This includes products branding, systems, customer engagement, staff presentation and branding.

Innovativeness and Creativity:
At P.N. Robotics, innovativeness and creativity towards customer problems shall be the hallmark of our core functions as we propel the much needed change in provision of quality service to customers.

Good corporate governance:
P.N. Robotics shall at all times embrace efficiency, transparency and effectiveness in our processes and procedures; accountability for our decisions and actions; and consultative and participative decision-making

Team spirit and teamwork:
P.N. Robotics shall foster a work environment characterized by team spirit and teamwork in organization, management, and developing new and innovative methods and techniques. The P.N. Robotics team shall embrace commitment and drive to be the best, and to satisfy customers beyond expectations.

At P.N. Robotics Integrity is beyond morals, it is our mantra. We shall at all time exhibit integrity with all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, staff, the government, management and the community.

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